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Helen Saunders Director, Licensee

Helen Saunders

Helen Saunders

“Particular enjoyment from helping first time homebuyers get out of the rent cycle and into their first home”

Helen Saunders is a Director and Licensee of KRK Properties and is an experienced licensed real estate agent. Her passion for working in real estate comes from helping people find the best property solution for their circumstances and needs.

Helen enjoys mentoring clients and gets particular enjoyment from helping first time buyers and new migrants achieve their dream home.


Helen was with me all the way. She really made me believe I could do it. She was there fighting for me all along, keeping an eye open for me. I couldn’t have done it without her…


Helen is a star! We had no deposit and she made this happen in double quick time and before we knew it we had a preapproval and a fabulous one off house designed for us! I can’t thank her enough.